Uninstalling Linkerd

If you’d like to remove Linkerd from your cluster, you’ll first want to remove any of your services from the data plane. This can be done by running:

kubectl get --all-namespaces daemonset,deploy,job,statefulset \
    -l "linkerd.io/control-plane-ns" -o yaml \
  | linkerd uninject - \
  | kubectl apply -f -

This will fetch everything that has the Linkerd proxy sidecar, remove the sidecar and re-apply to your cluster.

Then, to remove the control plane, run:

linkerd install --ignore-cluster | kubectl delete -f -

The linkerd install command outputs the YAML definitions for all of the Kubernetes resources necessary for the control plane, including namespaces, service accounts, CRDs, and more; kubectl delete then deletes those resources.