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Architecture. Deep dive into the architecture of Linkerd.

Authorization Policy. Reference guide to Linkerd's policy resources.

Circuit Breaking. How Linkerd implements circuit breaking.

CLI. Reference documentation for all the CLI commands.

Cluster Configuration. Configuration settings unique to providers and install methods.

Extensions List. List of Linkerd extensions that can be added to the installation for additional functionality


Helm Chart Version Matrix.

HTTPRoute. Reference guide to HTTPRoute resources.

IPTables Reference. A table with all of the chains and associated rules

Multi-cluster communication. Multi-cluster communication

Proxy Configuration. Linkerd provides a set of annotations that can be used to override the data plane proxy's configuration.

Proxy Log Level. Syntax of the proxy log level.

Proxy Metrics. The Linkerd proxy natively exports Prometheus metrics for all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Service Profiles. Details on the specification and what is possible with service profiles.

Supported Kubernetes Versions. Reference documentation for which Linkerd version supports which Kubernetes version