What is Linkerd?

Linkerd is an open source network proxy designed to be deployed as a service mesh: a dedicated layer for managing, controlling, and monitoring service-to- service communication within an application.

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What does Linkerd do?

Linkerd adds visibility, control, and reliability to your application with a wide array of powerful techniques: circuit-breaking, latency-aware load balancing, eventually consistent (“advisory”) service discovery, deadline propagation, and tracing and instrumentation.

Why is the service mesh necessary?

The way that services interact forms a critical part of an application’s runtime behavior. Without a consistent layer of control and visibility, runtime performance can be difficult to measure and diagnose, and partial failures can propagate to take down the entire application.

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What does Linkerd give you?

This miniature dashboard shows requests to a service, load balanced across its two clients.

Router: http

Requests 3500
Success rate 99.999%
Connections 14

Retry budget available: 18% / 20%

Get started

Get Linkerd up and running in just a few minutes. This section addresses running Linkerd in common environments.

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