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Proxy Log Level

The Linkerd proxy’s log level can be configured via the:

  • LINKERD_PROXY_LOG environment variable
  • --proxy-log-level CLI flag of the install, inject and upgrade commands
  • config.linkerd.io/proxy-log-level annotation (see Proxy Configuration) which sets LINKERD_PROXY_LOG environment-variable on the injected sidecar
  • an endpoint on the admin port of a running proxy.

The log level is a comma-separated list of log directives, which is based on the logging syntax of the env_logger crate.

A log directive consists of either:

  • A level (e.g. info), which sets the global log level, or
  • A module path (e.g. foo or foo::bar::baz), or
  • A module path followed by an equals sign and a level (e.g. foo=warn or foo::bar::baz=debug), which sets the log level for that module

A level is one of:

  • trace
  • debug
  • info
  • warn
  • error

A module path represents the path to a Rust module. It consists of one or more module names, separated by ::.

A module name starts with a letter, and consists of alphanumeric characters and _.

The proxy’s default log level is set to warn,linkerd2_proxy=info.