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Common Errors

Linkerd is generally robust, but things can always go wrong! You’ll find information here about the most common things that cause people trouble.

When in Doubt, Start With linkerd check

Whenever you see anything that looks unusual about your mesh, always start with linkerd check. It will check a long series of things that have caused trouble for others and make sure that your configuration is sane, and it will point you to help for any problems it finds. It’s hard to overstate how useful this command is.

Common Errors

Failfast. Failfast means that no endpoints are available.

HTTP 502 Errors. HTTP 502 means connection errors between proxies.

HTTP 503 and 504 Errors. HTTP 503 and 504 mean overloaded workloads.

Protocol Detection Errors. Protocol detection errors indicate that Linkerd doesn't understand the protocol in use.