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Resilient service mesh for cloud native apps

linker∙d adds service discovery, routing, failure handling, and visibility to modern software applications
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v0.8.3, released 2016-11-07

  • Fast, lightweight, and performant

    Handles tens of thousands of requests per second per instance with minimal latency overhead. Scales horizontally with ease.
  • Any language, any environment

    Runs as a transparent proxy alongside existing applications, integrates with existing infrastructure.
  • Latency-aware load-balancing

    Balances request traffic using real-time performance, reducing tail latencies across your application.
  • Runtime traffic routing

    Provides dynamic, scoped, logical routing rules, enabling blue-green deployments, staging, canarying, failover, and more.
  • Drop-in service discovery

    Integrates with most service discovery systems, decoupling applications from specific implementations.
  • Production-tested and proven at scale

    Powers the production infrastructure of banks, artificial intelligence companies, social networks, government labs, and more.
"The success of our system depends on having a solid layer that can route around component failure, minimise latency, and give us insight into runtime behaviour. linkerd provides all this and more!"
—Oliver Beattie, Head of Engineering, Monzo
"linkerd allows you to drop in a transparent layer of application resilience and provides the operational affordances critical for modern, cloud native environments."
Oliver Gould, CTO, Buoyant
linkerd 0.8.3, released 2016-11-07
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