The world's most widely deployed production service mesh

Linkerd is a service mesh that adds reliability, security, and visibility to cloud native applications

  • Fast, scalable, and performant

    Handles tens of thousands of requests per second per instance with minimal latency overhead. Scales horizontally with ease.
  • Any language, any environment

    Runs as a transparent proxy alongside existing applications, integrates with existing infrastructure.
  • Latency-aware load-balancing

    Balances request traffic using real-time performance, reducing tail latencies across your application.
  • Runtime traffic routing

    Provides dynamic, scoped, logical routing rules, enabling blue-green deployments, staging, canarying, failover, and more.
  • Drop-in service discovery

    Integrates with most service discovery systems, decoupling applications from specific implementations.
  • Production-tested and proven at scale

    Powers the production infrastructure of banks, artificial intelligence companies, social networks, government labs, and more.
Linkerd is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.
"The success of our system depends on having a solid layer that can route around component failure, minimise latency, and give us insight into runtime behaviour. Linkerd provides all this and more!"
—Oliver Beattie, Head of Engineering, Monzo