Industrial strength RPC proxy for microservices

  • Any language, any environment

    linkerd is a proxy that runs side-by-side with your existing applications. It supports multiple flavors of RPC, and can be used with any language.
  • Intelligent, adaptive load-balancing

    linkerd balances traffic using observed RPC latencies, reducing end-to-end tail latencies across your application.
  • Fine-grained instrumentation

    linkerd exports detailed latency and payload percentiles, success rates, and performance statistics.
  • Runtime traffic routing

    linkerd's routing logic provides safe, scoped, reversible semantics for blue-green deployments, staging, canarying and cross-DC failover.
  • Abstractions over service discovery

    linkerd works with existing service discovery mechanisms and allows you move between them without changing application code.
  • Proven at scale

    linkerd is built on top of Finagle, a high-scale RPC library that powers large, multi-service applications like Twitter, Pinterest, SoundCloud and ING Bank.


Download linkerd

The latest release is 0.7.4.


Visit the Github repo

linkerd is licensed under the Apache License v2.