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Releases and packages of Linkerd are available in several different forms.

Edge releases

All Linkerd development happens “on main”: all changes, whether security patches, new features, refactors, bug fixes, or something else, land on the main branch.

Edge release artifacts contain the latest code in from the main branch, at the point in time when they were cut. This means they have the latest features and fixes, but it also means may involve partial features that are later modified or backed out. They may involve breaking changes—of course, we do our best to avoid this.

Using edge release artifacts and reporting bugs is a great way to help Linkerd.

The full list of edge release artifacts can be found on the Linkerd GitHub releases page.

Latest version: edge-24.4.2 [release notes].

Stable releases

As of February 2024, the Linkerd project is no longer producing open source stable release artifacts. Instead, the vendor community around Linkerd is responsible for supported, stable release artifacts.

Known distributions of Linkerd with stable release artifacts include: