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This is not the latest version of Linkerd!
This documentation is for an older version of Linkerd. In Linkerd 2.15 (current), this document no longer exists.

Uninstalling Multicluster

The Linkerd multicluster components allow for sending traffic from one cluster to another. For more information on how to set this up, see installing multicluster.


Unlinking a cluster will delete all resources associated with that link including:

  • the service mirror controller
  • the Link resource
  • the credentials secret
  • mirror services

It is recommended that you use the unlink command rather than deleting any of these resources individually to help ensure that all mirror services get cleaned up correctly and are not left orphaned.

To unlink, run the linkerd multicluster unlink command and pipe the output to kubectl delete:

linkerd multicluster unlink --cluster-name=target | kubectl delete -f -


Uninstalling the multicluster components will remove all components associated with Linkerd’s multicluster functionality including the gateway and service account. Before you can uninstall, you must remove all existing links as described above. Once all links have been removed, run:

linkerd multicluster uninstall | kubectl delete -f -

Attempting to uninstall while at least one link remains will result in an error.