This is not the latest version of Linkerd!
This documentation is for an older version of Linkerd. In Linkerd 2.12 (current), this document no longer exists.


Introspect Linkerd’s service discovery state.

This command provides debug information about the internal state of the control-plane’s destination container. It queries the same Destination service endpoint as the linkerd-proxy’s, and returns the addresses associated with that destination.


# get all endpoints for the authorities emoji-svc.emojivoto.svc.cluster.local:8080 and web-svc.emojivoto.svc.cluster.local:80
linkerd endpoints emoji-svc.emojivoto.svc.cluster.local:8080 web-svc.emojivoto.svc.cluster.local:80

# get that same information in json format
linkerd endpoints -o json emoji-svc.emojivoto.svc.cluster.local:8080 web-svc.emojivoto.svc.cluster.local:80

# get the endpoints for authorities in Linkerd's control-plane itself
linkerd endpoints linkerd-controller-api.linkerd.svc.cluster.local:8085
linkerd endpoints linkerd-web.linkerd.svc.cluster.local:8084


Flag Usage
Output format; one of: “table” or “json”