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This is not the latest version of Linkerd!
This documentation is for Linkerd 1.x, an older version with some significant differences. You may want to see the Linkerd 2.x (current) documentation instead.

Getting help

We’d love to help you get Linkerd working for your use case, and we’re very interested in your feedback!

If you’re having trouble or think you’ve found a bug, start by checking the FAQ. If you still need help, you can reach us in a couple of ways.

You can also report bugs or file feature requests on the linkerd GitHub repo.

Remote diagnosis

Diagnosing why Linkerd is having trouble can be tricky. You can help us by providing a few things.

First, a metrics dump is often critical for us to understanding what Linkerd is doing. You can accomplish this by running the following script:


while true; do
  curl -s http://localhost:9990/admin/metrics.json > l5d_metrics_`date -u +'%s'`.json
  sleep 60

This script will produce one file per minute.

If these metrics are insufficient, we may also ask you to capture some network traffic. One way to do this is with tcpdump:

/usr/sbin/tcpdump -s 65535 'tcp port 4140' -w linkerd.pcap

(assuming you’re running Linkerd on the default port of 4140).

Run this command while the problem is occurring and assemble the results in a tar or zip file. You can attach these files directly to the GitHub issue.