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This is not the latest version of Linkerd!
This documentation is for Linkerd 1.x, an older version with some significant differences. You may want to see the Linkerd 2.x (current) documentation instead.


This section of the documentation contains in-depth information about advanced topics pertaining to both Linkerd and namerd. It is divided into the following subsections:

Deployment. Addresses typical deployment models for running Linkerd in your architecture.

Dtabs. Explains delegation tables and delegation rules, the primary mechanism by which Linkerd dynamically routes requests.

namerd. Introduces namerd as a service that helps route Linkerd requests and centralizes routing decisions to provide global Linkerd control.

Plugins. Sheds light on Linkerd's modular plugin system, and provides a detailed walkthrough for writing your own plugins.

Routing. Provides a comprehensive look at how Linkerd routes requests that it receives.

The Linkerd Discourse forum also documents:

  • Network Performance: Common approaches to diagnosing network performance issues that can negatively impact Linkerd.

  • Debugging a Linkerd setup: Common approaches to finding and fixing Linkerd configuration issues that may prevent it from working properly in your setup.