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This is not the latest version of Linkerd!
This documentation is for Linkerd 1.x, an older version with some significant differences. You may want to see the Linkerd 2.x (current) documentation instead.


The linkerd-examples GitHub repo contains several examples of how to use Linkerd and namerd in various environments.

The Buoyant blog also contains several examples and walkthroughs highlighting various Linkerd features.


For walkthroughs of various Linkerd features with deployable examples, check out A Service Mesh for Kubernetes blog series:

Other Kubernetes posts:

The linkerd-examples/k8s-daemonset folder has various Kubernetes examples using different Linkerd features, some of which are referenced in the blogs.

DC/OS, Mesos

Amazon ECS

Service Mesh


Linkerd features

Blogs and example configs highlighting various Linkerd features, including how to use Linkerd to improve latency, load balancing, using failure accrual, http proxying, adding TLS, a metrics pipeline, gRPC and HTTP/2, and more!

Further reading

See the External Resources section for additional articles and tutorials on Linkerd!