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June Linkerd Community Meeting Recap

Charles Pretzer

Charles Pretzer
July 12, 2021 • 2 min read

Missed the June Linkerd Community Meeting? Here’s our recap and the full recording.

News and updates

First and foremost, Linkerd was in the public comment period for CNCF graduation — the penultimate step in the graduation process. And is, since today, now open for graduation votes.

In terms of upcoming Linkerd features: server-side policy is the big ticket item in the upcoming 2.11 release, so please keep providing feedback. We are also currently cleaning up proxy dependencies; the work is mostly done and should make new dependency updates easier moving forward.

Community convo with Sol Roberts from PlexTrac

Sol Roberts from PlexTrac shared his Linkerd story. After initially consulting with PlexTrac years ago, Sol was onboarded to run their SRE practice. Under his guidance, the team moved from Docker Compose to Kubernetes. They also added useful tooling including Helm to simplify deployments, and Linkerd to provide mTLS.

Over time, Linkerd proved itself to be useful for more than just mTLS and PlexTrac took advantage of the observability and reliability features. Sol shared a great story about hunting down and remediating a production issue using Linkerd’s tap feature.

Deep dive with Dennis: Shell completion in the CLI

Linkerd maintainer Dennis talked about adding shell completion in the CLI. In prior Linkerd CLI versions, shell completion was fairly limited in that users were unable to get autocomplete suggestions based on resources within a cluster. Fortunately, Cobra, a Go CLI library, provided a way to make shell completion work similar to kubectl’s shell completion. Cobra simplifies the addition of this functionality without the need to manually write custom shell completion scripts. Cluster-resource-aware shell completion is now available on the latest Linkerd edge releases, so please try it out!

Linkerd Heroes

Last but not least, we announced June’s Linkerd Heroes: Steve Gray and Steve Reardon. If you’d like to nominate someone for next month, please do so here! We love each and every opportunity to publicly celebrate the community members who make Linkerd great. Want to be part of the action? Don’t forget to join us for our next Community Meetup on Thursday, July 29 at 9 am PT!

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