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Vote for your March Hero

Charles Pretzer

Charles Pretzer
March 17, 2021 • 3 min read

It’s time to vote for our Linkerd Hero of the month! Check out this month’s nominees below and the great deeds for which they were nominated. The Hero you choose will be announced during the Linkerd Community Meeting on Thursday, March 25 at 9 a.m. PT. If you haven’t registered yet, do so today and join us!

Who are Linkerd Heroes?

Linkerd Heroes are community members who best represent the spirit of the Linkerd community. Whether it’s helping folks on Slack, answering questions on Stack Overflow, sharing their successes (and failures!) with the world at large, or contributing code or docs, Linkerd Heroes are instrumental in making the Linkerd community the amazing place it is today.

This month’s nominations

This month’s candidates are Fredrik Klingenberg, Henry Hagnas, Christian Hüning, and Mayank Shah. Pick one and Submit your vote by Thursday, March 25, 8 a.m. PT.

Fredrik Klingenberg & Henry Hagnas: sharing their Linkerd story

Whether it’s a keynote at KubeCon or a humble tweet, sharing your story is one of the most powerful ways that you can grow the community and help your peers.

Henry and Fredrik joined forces for Elkjop’s Kubernetes and service mesh journey. After two years of learning and a successful rollout, they decided to tell the world about it. First, in this awesome CNCF blog post, then through media interviews, and at various online conferences. Thanks for sharing your story with the broader community! 👏👏👏

Christian Hüning: always offering a helping hand

One of the great things about open source is the community that drives it. Whenever you have a question, there is always someone ready to lend a helping hand.

Christian is Director of Cloud Technologies at Finleap Connect, a Hamburg, Germany-based fintech company. He’s been active in the Linkerd Slack and is quick to answer questions to help fellow Linkerd adopters. When he isn’t hanging out on Slack helping the community, he’s busy being a new father and is hoping to get back into photography after the pandemic. Thanks for taking the time to help your peers! 👏👏👏

Mayank Shah: generously giving his time to contribute code

Code contributions are the backbone of open source. It’s a lot of work and takes real passion and commitment, particularly for those submitting major PRs.

Mayank, a Senior at VIT University, lives in Chennai, India. He has been an active contributor to the Linkerd project and his contributions have helped make Linkerd what it is today. As a Google Summer of Code student, he came into the project and has been an asset to the project and the community ever since. When he isn’t working in tech he enjoys gaming and traveling. 👏👏👏

Yet again a difficult choice. The truth is, they all deserve to win. Submit your vote by Thursday, March 25, 8 a.m. PT. And please share this post in your network so we can celebrate all three of your Linkerd Hero candidates!

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