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February 2021 Linkerd Hero Nomination

Charles Pretzer

Charles Pretzer
February 19, 2021 • 3 min read

Vote for your February Linkerd Hero!

Yep, another month has passed and it’s time to vote for our monthly Linkerd Hero! Check out this month’s nominees and learn how they support our community each day. The Hero you choose will be announced during the Community Meeting on February 25, at 9 a.m PST. If you haven’t registered yet, do so today and join us.

Who are Linkerd Heroes?

Linkerd Heroes help community members on Slack, answer questions on Stack Overflow, or share their successes and failures with their peers. They contribute to the codebase, docs, or elsewhere in the project. In short, without our heroes, Linkerd wouldn’t be what it is today.

This month’s nominations

This month’s candidates are Sergio Mendéz, Nathan Mehl, and Piyush Singariya. Each candidate contributed in a different way, reflecting the many contribution paths there are. Please read why we nominated them and submit your vote by Thursday, February 25, 8 a.m. PT.

Sergio Mendéz - building the next generation of programmers in Guatemala

The act of sharing knowledge plays a critical role in the Linkerd community, and sharing comes in many forms. A few examples are KubeCon talks, blog tutorials, and describing the experience of a journey. The Linkerd community is privileged to include an educator who guides students through the ins and outs of cloud native technologies.

Sergio is a very unique Linkerd Hero nominee. An IT professor in Guatemala, Sergio started exposing his students early on to cloud native technologies. By teaching them about cutting-edge tech and encouraging them to present in English, Sergio is not only building the next generation of cloud native programmers in Central America, he’s also opening them the door to a global job market. If your students don’t see the value of it yet, they sure will for sure in the future, Sergio! 👏👏👏

NJM - always offering a helping hand

One of the great things about open source is the community that drives it. Whenever you have a question, there is always someone ready to lend a helping hand.

NJM has been active on Slack for almost two years now. Initially, asking lots of thoughtful questions after thorough research (which we really appreciate!), and most recently answering other people’s questions, particularly around integrating Elasticsearch into their environments. 👏👏👏

Piyush Singariya - generously gives his time to contribute code

Code contributions are the backbone of open source. It’s a lot of work and takes real passion and commitment, particularly for those submitting major PRs.

Piyush has made some great code contributions on building tests, improving Linkerd’s multi-cluster capabilities, as well as fixing CLI messaging. He is active in the #contributors channel on Slack, so be sure to say “hi” if you see him there. 👏👏👏

Yet again a difficult choice. Submit your vote by Thursday, February 25, 8 a.m. PT. And please share this post in your network so we can celebrate all three of your Linkerd Hero candidates!

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