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Announcing the September 2023 Linkerd Hero!


September 30, 2023 • 1 min read

We are excited to announce this month’s Linkerd Hero: Cameron Boulton. Congrats, Cameron!

What are Linkerd Heroes?

Linkerd Heroes are community members who best represent the spirit of the Linkerd community. Whether it’s helping others, answering questions, sharing their successes (and failures!) with the world at large, or contributing code or docs, Linkerd Heroes are instrumental in making the Linkerd community the amazing place it is today.

Congrats, Cameron Boulton!

This month’s hero is Cameron Boulton. Cameron did a fantastic investigation on distributed-tracing integration between Datadog and Linkerd, and contributed fixes to help community members more easily configure Linkerd distributed tracing using Linkerd’s Jaeger extension (regardless of which collector is in use). Thank you, Cameron, for making future Datadog and Linkerd users’ lives easier!

Cameron Boulton

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Linkerd Heroes take many forms. Perhaps someone has answered your or the community’s pressing questions on Slack. Maybe you’ve read a blog post or watched a conference talk that helped spur your decision-making process or advance your Linkerd implementation. Or perhaps someone contributed an awesome Linkerd feature or bugfix that has made your life a lot easier. Who is your Linkerd Hero? Submit your nomination for next month’s hero here!

For those who nominated someone, thank you for participating!

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