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Announcing December's Linkerd Hero

Catherine Paganini

Catherine Paganini
December 9, 2021 • 2 min read

If you attended this month’s Linkerd Community meeting, you’ve already heard the news: this month’s Linkerd Hero is Aleksandr Tarasov. Congrats, Aleksandr!

What are Linkerd Heroes?

Linkerd Heroes are community members who best represent the spirit of the Linkerd community. Whether it’s helping others, answering questions, sharing their successes (and failures!) with the world at large, or contributing code or docs, Linkerd Heroes are instrumental in making the Linkerd community the amazing place it is today.

Congrats, Aleksandr!

This month’s hero is Aleksandr Tarasov. Aleksandr is Director of Engineering at ANNA Money and recently wrote three great Linkerd blog posts. In his first blog, he shares his team’s decision-making process when selecting Linkerd as their service mesh. His next blog covers three ways to use Linkerd with Kubernetes jobs. And his latest blog is a practical guide to Linkerd authorization policies. These are all great reads, keep them coming Aleksandr! Sharing your experience with the community is one of the most valuable ways to contribute to Linkerd! Thank you, Aleksandr, for sharing your journey so others can learn from it!

Aleksandr Tarasov

Nominate next month’s Linkerd Hero

Linkerd Heroes take many forms. Perhaps someone has answered your or the community’s pressing questions on Slack. Maybe you’ve read a blog post or watched a conference talk that helped spur your decision-making process or advance your Linkerd implementation. Or perhaps someone contributed an awesome Linkerd feature or bugfix that has made your life a lot easier. Who is your Linkerd Hero? Submit your nomination for next month’s hero here!

For those who nominated someone, thank you for participating, and remember to join our next community meeting on Thursday, January 22 at 9 am PT!

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