October Linkerd Community Meeting

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Thomas Rampelberg
November 1, 2020 • 1 min read

This month’s community meeting was jam packed! With the stable 2.9 release coming up soon, Oliver Gould provided us with some details about what’ll be coming. Expect mTLS to automatically work for TCP as well as HTTP, ARM support and more. Next up, Naseem Ullah walked us through what it takes to get alerting up and running based on Linkerd’s metrics as he outlined in “Linkerd — Alerting On Error Rates”. Linkerd maintainer, Kevin Leimkuhler, keeps the metrics momentum going by explaining a little bit about SLOs, why you want them and how to implement them with Linkerd and Prometheus.

As always, we like to highlight some of the heroes in our community. This month’s nominations included Stephanie Decalso for making the seemingly impossible happen, Alex Leong for restructuring how configuration is managed through Helm and Tarun Pothulapati for his relentless work getting the stable release ready. Thank you Heroes! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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