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TGI Kubernetes Features Linkerd 2.0

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Kiersten Gaffney
September 21, 2018 • 1 min read

We were really excited to have Linkerd 2.0 featured on this week’s TGIK. It was even DDOS’d live on screen! (It held up fine, of course.)

In this episode, Joe takes Linkerd 2.0 out for a spin, covering:

  • Installation (including YAML-spelunking)
  • How Linkerd interacts with Kubernetes
  • Design philosophy behind the project

View the entire episode below.

TGIK  is a weekly live video stream that is broadcasted live from the Heptio headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Joe Beda, Heptio Founder and CTO is the TGIK host. The video stream is a one-hour long recording featuring topics that range from installing a Kubernetes cluster to using a cluster or add-ons running on Kubernetes.

Reach out to Heptio via @heptio or directly to Joe via @jbeda if you have questions regarding TGIK.

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