Welcome to linkerd! 👋

This documentation will help you get started. It is divided into a few major sections:

  • Overview: Describes linkerd features at a high-level, explains the rationale behind them, and introduces important concepts that are used throughout the rest of the documentation.

  • Getting Started: Provides concrete instructions for setting up and running linkerd in various environments. Go here for a quick start.

  • Features: Covers linkerd's major features, including load balancing, circuit breaking, service discovery, routing, retries, and more.

  • linkerd / namerd configuration: Contains versioned configuration references for both projects, including sample config file snippets.

  • In Depth: Includes detailed information about advanced topics such as service discovery, routing, delegation, writing plugins, and diagnosing network performance issues.

  • Enterprise: Lists companies that provide commercial support for linkerd.

You can also jump directly to any of the following sections: