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A different kind of service mesh

Ultra light, ultra simple, ultra powerful. Linkerd adds security, observability, and reliability to Kubernetes, without the complexity. CNCF-hosted and 100% open source.

Instant platform health metrics

Instantly track success rates, latencies, and request volumes for every meshed workload, without changes or config.

Simpler than any other mesh

Minimalist, Kubernetes-native design. No hidden magic, as little YAML and as few CRDs as possible.

Zero-config mutual TLS

Transparently add mutual TLS to any on-cluster TCP communication with no configuration.

Designed by engineers, for engineers

Self-contained control plane, incrementally deployable data plane, and lots and lots of diagnostics and debugging tools.

Drop-in reliability features

Instantly add latency-aware load balancing, request retries, timeouts, and blue-green deploys to keep your applications resilient.

State-of-the-art ultralight Rust dataplane

Incredibly small and blazing fast Linkerd2-proxy micro-proxy written in Rust for security and performance.
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Linkerd is a CNCF graduated project

Linkerd is a CNCF graduated project