Welcome Hema Lee as our newest maintainer!

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Thomas Rampelberg
March 19, 2020 • 2 min read

🎉 We are pleased to announce that Hema Lee is now a maintainer of the CNI plugin for Linkerd. 🎉 She will be helping improve and address community issues encountered with the plugin, a requirement for many security conscious organizations.

Hema has been part of the team operating Linkerd (including the CNI plugin) in production at Nordstrom. She presented some of her work last November at Kubecon NA 2019:

Maintainers are a key part of Linkerd community, acting as the backbone that supports our users and implementing functionality to move the project forward. We’re looking forward to having Hema on board. Welcome to the team, Hema!

Want to get involved?

We’d love help building Linkerd. Check out the help wanted project on GitHub for an idea of where we could use help right now! If there’s something you’re interested in that isn’t on that list, jump into #contributors in Slack so we can chat with you about it. The RFC repo has some community suggested projects that folks are already working on.

Linkerd is for everyone

Linkerd is a community project and is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Linkerd is committed to open governance. If you have feature requests, questions, or comments, we’d love to have you join our rapidly-growing community! Linkerd is hosted on GitHub, and we have a thriving community on Slack, Twitter, and the mailing lists. Come and join the fun!

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