Adding Your Service

Add your service to the mesh by injecting it.

Automating Injection

Automate injection of the Linkerd containers for your service.

Configuring Retries

Configure Linkerd to retry outgoing requests on failure.

Configuring Timeouts

Configure how long Linkerd will wait before failing an outgoing request.

Debugging Your Service

Linkerd makes it easy to debug a failing application. Check out how to do it yourself with Emojivoto.

Demo: Books

Try out some of Linkerd's features, such as per-route metrics with a demo application.

Exporting Metrics

Integrate Linkerd's Prometheus with your existing metrics infrastructure.

Exposing the Dashboard

Make it easy for others to access Linkerd and Grafana dashboards without the CLI.

Getting Per-Route Metrics

Configure per-route metrics for your application.

Installing Linkerd

Install Linkerd to your own Kubernetes cluster.

Modifying Proxy Log Level

Modify the proxy log level.

Setting Up Service Profiles

Create a service profile that provides more details for Linkerd to build on.


Troubleshoot issues with your Linkerd installation.

Uninstalling Linkerd

Uninstall Linkerd from your own Kubernetes cluster.

Upgrading Linkerd

Upgrade Linkerd to the latest version.

Using Ingress

Linkerd works alongside your ingress controller of choice.