Fetch metrics directly from Linkerd proxies.

This command initiates a port-forward to a given pod or set of pods, and queries the /metrics endpoint on the Linkerd proxies.

The RESOURCE argument specifies the target resource to query metrics for: (TYPE/NAME)


  • cronjob/my-cronjob
  • deploy/my-deploy
  • ds/my-daemonset
  • job/my-job
  • po/mypod1
  • rc/my-replication-controller
  • sts/my-statefulset

Valid resource types include:

  • cronjobs
  • daemonsets
  • deployments
  • jobs
  • pods
  • replicasets
  • replicationcontrollers
  • statefulsets


# Get metrics from pod-foo-bar in the default namespace.
linkerd metrics po/pod-foo-bar

# Get metrics from the web deployment in the emojivoto namespace.
linkerd metrics -n emojivoto deploy/web

# Get metrics from the linkerd-controller pod in the linkerd namespace.
linkerd metrics -n linkerd $(
  kubectl --namespace linkerd get pod \
    --selector \
    --output name


Flag Usage
Namespace of resource