Linkerd automatically enables mutual Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all communication between meshed applications.

Linkerd will automatically inject the data plane proxy into your pods based annotations.

Linkerd provides a web dashboard, as well as pre-configured Grafana dashboards.

You can enable distributed tracing support in Linkerd.

Linkerd can be configured to run a CNI plugin that rewrites each pod's iptables rules automatically.

Practice chaos engineering by injecting faults into services with Linkerd.

The Linkerd control plane can run in high availability (HA) mode.

Linkerd will automatically enable advanced features (including metrics, load balancing, retries, and more) for HTTP, HTTP/2, and gRPC connections.

Linkerd can work alongside your ingress controller of choice.

Linkerd automatically load balances requests across all destination endpoints on HTTP, HTTP/2, and gRPC connections.

Linkerd can be configured to perform service-specific retries and timeouts.

Linkerd supports defining service profiles that enable per-route metrics and features such as retries and timeouts.

Linkerd is capable of proxying all TCP traffic, including TLS'd connections, WebSockets, and HTTP tunneling.

Linkerd automatically collects metrics from all services that send traffic through it.

Linkerd can dynamically send a portion of traffic to different services.