This is not the latest version of Linkerd!
This documentation is for an older version of Linkerd. In Linkerd 2.13 (current), this document no longer exists.


Display sorted information about live traffic on a per-route basis.


# display traffic for the web deployment in the default namespace
linkerd top deploy/web

# display traffic for the web-dlbvj pod in the default namespace
linkerd top pod/web-dlbvj


Flag Usage
--authority Display requests with this :authority
--hide-sources Hide the source column
--max-rps Maximum requests per second to tap.
--method Display requests with this HTTP method
Namespace of the specified resource
--path Display requests with paths that start with this prefix
--routes Display data per route instead of per path
--scheme Display requests with this scheme
--to Display requests to this resource
--to-namespace Sets the namespace used to lookup the “–to” resource; by default the current “–namespace” is used